This site  is about you. It’s also about food, recipes, diets and any food related matters..

Its purely about all those stuff that goes on in our mouth. We will also discuss about those questions (maybe silly or weird) related to food, weightloss, healthy eating and the likes.

I love food and i always look for ways to enjoy my meals without over eating or bothering about my waistline.


I love food.

By food, I do not mean only the substances we put in our mouth!! I mean everything that goes into our mind, our body and our soul. I believe that I can control what goes into my system if I make a conscious effort. I once heard this saying (I like to think I made it up) feed your body with good food, feed your mind with wisdom and feed your spirit with Gods Word.

What goes into our system has a strong role to play in how well (or bad) our entire day goes. So make the right choices; choose the right kind of gists to participate in and listen to good music.

This site will try to feed your mind in the healthiest ways possible.

I am a naija babe!

Naija babes like gist and we like to eat. We gist about everything, we have real life issues like how to eat all we want and still have a flat belly, we hate to be called fat and we love looking pretty at all times. Winks!


Why ‘Foodology’

This is not just a catering business because I want to do more than just cook and bake. I wanted to share what I know and also learn from people as well.

Anyway, Chu’s Foodology is all about helping you eat the right way to maintain or shed excess weight, eat right for your health and have the body and life youre proud of. . I would love you to find this kind of joy that brings you peace and contentment and that is why i’m here; to inspire you.